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Your hardware is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. You could have industry-leading processes and software but without the right equipment, your staff won’t be able to make the impact on your market that you’ve been dreaming of.

With the right equipment in the right place your staff will be empowered to reach new heights in productivity and help your business go from strength to strength.

Hardware & Infrastructure

Our service starts with identifying the best solution to your individual needs. While you want to make sure you and your staff aren’t spending all day fighting with their computer, there’s also no point wasting money on over-speccing your equipment. We’ll help you find the sweet spot between cost and power to make sure each of your users is working at their best.

If you want to keep your IT costs in your op-ex budget, or simply want to help manage cashflow, we offer flexible leasing packages that can reduce your hardware needs to a simple monthly payment.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

If a predictable monthly payment for your hardware needs is an attractive proposition, then a Hardware as a Service arrangement might be for you.

We’ll provide all the equipment you and your staff need, refresh it regularly, and cover the cost of any breakdowns and failures all for a simple monthly amount. No surprise bills, and you’ll always be working with up-to-date equipment that will support you and your business.

VoIP and Mobile Telephony

Staying connected with your staff and customers is critical for every business. Being able to make a call and know that you’ll reach your contact on the other end without poor signal causing issues brings its own peace of mind.

That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in telephony to give you that reassurance every time you pick up the phone.

Broadband Internet

Every company, large or small, relies on the internet to conduct their business. From checking email, to ordering supplies, to updating your website, none of this is possible without a reliable connection to the outside world.

We can provide a stable, secure broadband connection that meets your business needs, ensuring you’re not left endlessly refreshing that web page waiting for your service to drop back in again.

Site Access Management

If your offices cover a large area or aren’t always manned throughout the day, you may want to consider implementing some access management.

Using electronic locks and access badges, we can help you ensure that only authorised staff can access sensitive parts of your site and keep your visitors in public-facing areas. We can even integrate a time and attendance system to help you manage your payroll more effectively.

Managed Print Services

If there’s one piece of IT equipment that everyone hates dealing with it’s the office printer. From running out of toner, to paper jams and print quality issues it’s a guaranteed headache.

We’ll take the headache away with our managed print service. We’ll make sure your printer gets supplies when it needs it, and the expert touch of a print engineer when things go wrong. We can even get your print costs down to a simple, predictable cost-per-print.

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