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With your hardware in place, you need the right software to support you and your staff in running your business.

A well-chosen software stack can be the difference between efficiently completing every task you face and getting bogged down for an entire morning on one job.

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft Office suite is the staple of every office environment. Whether you author the occasional document or spend your entire day answering emails and trawling through spreadsheets you’ll find yourself looking for the instantly recognisable icons for Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Microsoft 365 includes all the usual office suspects, and also includes industry-leading email hosting and mobile and web versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint so you can stay productive even when you’re away from your computer.

Email Signature Management & Marketing

Whether you’ve got a handful of employees or multiple offices full of staff, keeping everyone’s email signature consistent and on-brand is a challenge. Even for a single user, you may have a different signature on your desktop and your laptop, and chances are you have nothing but the most basic signature on your phone.

We offer a centralised signature management suite which will allow you to set a design in one place and automatically push it out to your whole organisation. People’s names and contact details will be placed automatically and the same signature will be applied no matter where they send the email from.

You can even leverage this platform to add marketing messages to your signatures, making use of a rarely exploited opportunity to get your message in front of anyone you send an email to. Marketing messages can even be scheduled to begin and end at set times – no more Christmas messages in February!

Cloud Backup

The security of your business data should always be kept top of mind and a robust backup strategy is just part of that puzzle. Imagine the amount of work that would be required to recreate your records if your hard drive failed, or an electric surge destroyed your server. Would it even be possible?

We will work with you to ensure that your critical data is backed up appropriately, securely and is easy to access in the event you may need it. We work with several backup providers and can create a solution as unique as your business is.

Collaboration Tools

Helping your staff work better in isolation is great, but real improvement comes when you help them work better together. Long gone are the days of having to email files to colleagues, wait for them to add their changes and comments and spending hours merging those changes back in to your original.

Even something as simple as a shared area for storing and working on files together will save you hours of effort and helps ensure that everyone has immediate access to the data they need when they need it.

You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience in designing a working environment that works for your staff instead of against them, often at little or no extra cost to your existing software licenses.

Digital Signing

If you are in an industry where contracts and agreements are a regular feature, you’re probably familiar with the process of print, post, wait, sign, post, wait, file when it comes to getting things signed. Or maybe you’re lucky and you can use email instead of the post – if they have a printer handy, and a scanner to email the signed copy back to you, and the scan is good enough quality when it does finally arrive.

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply email a link, have the customer add their legally binding signature online, and have the completed contract automatically emailed out to all involved? No printing, no delays, just your contract signed and sorted in a matter of minutes.

We’ll get you up and running with a Digital Signature solution tailored to how your business operates, saving your time and eliminating many of the delays involved in getting a new customer on board.

Website Hosting

An online presence is vital in today’s world. Even before they’ve spoken to you many customers will check out your website to make sure you are a good fit for their needs.

If you already have a website, we can take responsibility for hosting and managing it for you, as part of a wider support contract. If not, we’ll work with you to create an online presence worth of your brand and reputation, taking care of everything from initial design, through build, to long-term hosting and support.

Creative Tools

Your team is only as good as your tools allow them to be, and nowhere is that more true than in the creative industry.

Ascend have partnered with Adobe to provide their full suite of market-leading creative tools. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective way to provide all the tools your team need without overspending on licenses.

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