How Would Your Business Cope?

No internet.

No VoIP phones.

No email.

Could you thrive despite adversity?

In May 2024 over 5,000 premises in Telford, including two major industrial estates, lost internet connectivity for 24 hours.

Many businesses resigned themselves to a day of lost productivity.

The lucky ones were able to call in a favour and have an alternative connection set up, but still lost hours of work.

For a few though – the most prepared of the lot – they barely noticed the difference. Their 4G backup connection kicked in automatically and ensured that every element of their company remained online and open for business.

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4G To The Rescue!

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens to your broadband connection, you and your staff will always be able to get online.

Properly configured by an Ascend technician, your 4G failover will constantly monitor your main connection and automatically step in when it detects a problem.

Once that problem is resolved and you’re back up to full strength it will step back and let the broadband take over.

Coupled with our managed services, we will monitor your network to spot an outage and get you back online – often before you’ve even noticed there’s a problem in the first place!

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